Second Chance Charms has been featured in Phoenix Magazine 2016 September issue in the At Home section under Statement Pieces!

I have also been featured in The Chippy Barn 2016 October guide in the Traditional Style and Wood Stripping sections!

Second Chance Charms started in 2012 when my husband and I bought a house in Sun City, Arizona. We could only afford to fill it with second hand items and hand-me-down furnishings from family members and garage sales. To make it our own and give it our style I started to refinish them, slowly but surely, trial and error, this DIY became an obsession. Our friends and family would bring me their old unwanted pieces of décor and furniture to give new life and love too. Before I knew it I was juggling three kids, a husband, house and this new found creative spark that I had lost in my college days.

I drew my first real art piece when I was 10 years old of my bike I had got for Christmas. I was so proud of my bike and being a part of the guys. I am the eldest of 3 boys. I remember laying on the concrete floor in the garage pencil drawing my bike and watching my mother as she painted her oils on canvas in her studio. I believe its from her that I have this passion for creativity. Every piece is carefully loved and forever a apart of my soul.

In school I dabbed in all sorts of sports. Swimming became my outlet and art class was always a given. In college I branched out in interior design and fine arts. My husband and I started a family and all my energies were put forth in raising our boys that I soon quickly had forgotten my happiness in the artistic world.

One day, when we were moving furniture around trying to find places for all our mixed matched broken and hand-me-down pieces, I found myself staring at this small dresser that used to be my mothers as a girl. The paint was chipped everywhere, showing the many different color layers it had. I didn’t have the heart to rid of the thing. How could I? The memories my mother had. The many layers of paint my grandfather gave it throughout the years to appease his daughter. It was my first piece that I refinished and is still used as my coffee bar in my house today. The entire process from start to finish thrilled me. I had found Becca. She wasn’t forgotten just laid dormant for a time. To breath new life in something forgotten is a simple reminder to me that there is beauty in second chances. Every morning I use my coffee bar and its sentimental in so many ways. Different pieces of furniture have meaning to us all… a family heirloom, first set a husband and wife bought together, a gift for a child. Instead of riding of these pieces that have aged over time and in not the best of ways, refinishing them writes another page to their wonderful stories.

I am absolutely obsessed with refinishing, repurposing and reusing furniture. Everyone and everything deserves a Second Chance!

You can find my charms at:







Rebecca Whitney


I absolutely love my hobby and I am extremely humbled to be able to share it with you too!


“Becca, words cannot express what a truly amazing job you did on our recent chest we brought to you to refinish. What once was an old sun bleached chest, a true “ugly duckling” , in our home for almost 20 years, but in our family much longer, has now been transformed into a beautiful black swan! The piece is just beautiful & will be an endearing gift for our wonderful daughter-in-law & son for Christmas. If this piece of furniture could talk, what great stories of our family & our lives, it could tell. It now has a fresh updated look, while still maintaining it’s classic style. You are not just a furniture refinisher, but a true artist in the field. Thanks again for your hard work & artistry! You’ve been wonderful to work with. God Bless.”

Kathryn & David Whitten- October 2018

“I can’t thank Rebecca enough for transforming my grandmothers antique piano into a beautiful showpiece for everyone to see when they walk through my front door. My piano movers said they move a lot of refinished pianos and never seen one this good!”

Michelle Medchill Sayles- March 2018

“Second chance charms turned my outdated and ugly entertainment center into a gorgeous, rustic one. It fits my house and I love the look of it. I love your talent, Rebecca!”

Molly Schulze- February 2018

“I brought a small end table to Rebecca that needed a minor repair and I wanted a combo of painted body and stained top. She did a great job communicating with me and sending pictures throughout the process and was extremely easy to work with. The table turned out so great that I immediately brought her another piece that needed repairs and new paint. Couldn’t be happier with how both pieces turned out!”

Amy Wenk- February 2018

“I am so excited about the antique vanity that Becca refinished for me. It is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to the next one! Beautiful work with great pricing

Michele Brown Flanigan- October 2017

“Rebecca painted a beautiful nightstand that I am in love with. I can’t stop looking at it. She also painted a grown-up matching nightstand and dresser for my son. They are so nice. Rebecca was so easy to work with and helpful as I navigated the new world of furniture refinishing. She’ll be doing more of my furniture in the future!”

Jennifer Walsh West- August 2017

“I connected with Rebecca thru Etsy and found the exact piece I was looking for to complete a 1928 home. It was not just the item but Rebecca’s welcoming communication that made me feel comfortable enough to take a road trip over 600 miles round trip to pick up my new French Style dresser. I am thrilled with the piece and the quality of work and will be back for more!!!!”

Devora Brainard- August 2017

“Rebecca deserves way more then 5 stars! I would give her a million gold stars for the amazing work she does! I was absolutely overwhelmed with emotions when she restored the console I received from my late grandmother. She understood the sentimental meaning of it and came up with a great color choice for the piece. I will be bringing her more pieces to restore for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rebecca. My grandmother would be very proud!”

Stacie Schlecht- July 2017

“I had an 80’s era oak file cabinet. The oak look was no longer suitable inside the house, so it had been relegated to the garage for years. After pricing new file cabinets, I thought about getting the old one refinished. I did not know Rebecca nor even the person who referred me to her. I’m happy to say that Rebecca’s work exceeded my expectations. She helped pick out the color and perfectly refinished the file cabinet. My advice: don’t give up on your old oak pieces as Second Chance Charms can bring it “back to the future.””

Karen Kendall Batson- May 2017

“Happy you were able to refinish my piece I inherited from my late mother. She would LOVE it! You listened to what I wanted and saw my vision. Even though it was a fairly simple project, you did a fantastic job. Thank you, thank you!!”

Stefanie Macias- March 2017

“I found 2 solid wood nightstands at a garage sale. Total gems. I messaged Rebecca with some pictures. She and I brainstormed ideas on how to bring these pieces back to life. Within 2 weeks, I brought home my new unique nightstands that I would never find in a store and if I did, I paid half the cost with her. She brought my vision to life! I am forever a fan!”

Meaghan Volk Gomez- March 2017

“The only person I trust to repaint and update my furniture! So easy to work with and knowledgeable in many techniques. If you aren’t sure what to do she will offer suggestions and help you decide on just the right one for your piece!”

Denise Berge- February 2017

“Love, love looooovveee our new entertainment piece Rebecca did! She’s awesome and does great work, looking to fix up your old stuff, check her out!”

Jamie Sharp-Rupert- January 2017

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Second Chance Charms to have an armoire refinished for our soon to be baby girls nursery. Not only did she go above & beyond to fit me in on short notice to ensure it would be finished before our daughter arrived, but did an AMAZING job on the piece. I absolutely love it!! She’s extremely talented and is such a pleasure to work with. Not to mention her pricing is very reasonable. Thank you Rebecca for everything!”

Lindsey Kjer- January 2017

“I have been following this site for months. I finally bought a piece today. As a diy’er, crafter and occasional furniture painter myself, I have to say I’m impressed with her work and knowledge! She is so sweet and very informative. I couldn’t be happier with the piece I bought today. Such a gorgeous little gem and an excellent paint job. Rebecca has such a connection with each piece of furniture and it definitely shows! ♡♡♡ thank you so much for the amazing piece!”

Lisa Marie- December 2016

“Rebecca is so talented and gives you a real at home touch and personal care. She redid a baby dresser, another dresser, and a chair that was my Great Grandmothers. All turned out amazing. If you have something special to be restored there’s no one else to go to!!!!”

Pamela Greig Allison- November 2016

“Amazing job on the piece I purchased!! Thx you so much!”

Natalie Zaragoza Pena- October 2016

“Second Chance Charms took my mother’s old dresser and breathed new life into it! This now fresh and beautiful antique piece is a wonderful addition to my granddaughter’s bedroom. Thank you for your patience in working with us, your artistic guidance in developing a plan for our piece and for the beautiful custom work you put into each detail.”

Toni Williams Neff- October 2016

“I was referred to second chance charms through a friend. I had a 30 year old table with a Formica top and 6 captains chairs. I could’ve easily bought a new set, but after having an in home consult with Rebecca, I decided to give my old table new life. We decided to go with the colors that Rebecca helped us choose (which coordinated with our kitchen). Rebecca kept us updated as she went through the process with our table and sent some pictures as well. We have now had our “new” table back at home for a few weeks and after the newness has set in, I can say we absolutely love it! Her color choices were spot on and her workmanship is unparalleled. I would highly recommend second chance charms.”

Brandy Leigh- September 2016

“Rebecca was amazing to work with! From my color consultation to delivery, she is just the best! We had two pieces refinished and they both turned out even more amazing that we could have imagined. There are special touches that make these pieces so unique. I’m already on the prowl for our next piece. Thank you so much, Rebecca and Second Chance Charm!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Courtney Frazier- August 2016

“I purchased a buffet from Rebecca. It was a piece she had picked up and had a vision for. Well, that vision of hers was perfect for my house!!! Her craftsmanship is unbelievable…you’d never know it looked anything different than it does right now. I’d certainly purchase another piece from Second Chance Charms!!”

Kelly Fleener- August 2016

“I have a bit of an advantage in that I’ve known Becca for many years. I’ve seen her creativity in many areas of her life. One of the things I love most about her is that she is willing to tell her clients the truth. Especially if what they are asking for just isn’t feasible. I love that in someone I am hiring. Just because I can dream it up or see it in my head doesn’t necessarily mean it is doable. I appreciate how she guided me in my decisions. I finally was able to give her just the right project for our new KHov home and she nailed it!!! She worked tirelessly with me to make sure she understood (and to be honest that I understood) what I was asking for so that the finished product would match my expectations. She did not disappoint!!! I love my coral beauties that now reside in my Master Bedroom. Yes – I know I’m married to an amazing man to let me create this girly frilly space. Thanks Second Chance Charms – we’ll be back soon with the next project.”

Becca Duvall Matlock- July 2016

“So Marc and I were looking at getting some new furniture in our bedroom. This is the same set I had purchased with my first husband and the idea of replacing everything had just been so daunting! It is a beautiful, well made set and there has always seemed to be something more important to spend money on, so we have kept everything the same. Finally, I said it’s time, went looking around and the quality of most pieces wasn’t that impressive. The bed had been moved so many times, and the frame was in not such good shape anymore, so we replaced that first, but after doing some research, I decided to try and refinish what we already had. I found Rebecca at Second Chance Charms and she has been such an amazing find! She has worked closely with me to create the finish that will transform our master into a completely new room! Well she just finished the first piece and I couldn’t be any happier!! Can’t wait to show you the room when it’s complete!!!”

Shari Goldschmidt Mulvihill Jackson- July 2016

“While you didn’t refinish a piece for me, I did win one of your giveaways and it’s my favorite piece in my whole house. Highly recommended and when I have a piece needing refinished I’ll give you a shout!”

Trista Franko- June 2016

“I highly recommend Becca. Her art and craft talents are over the top. She has great ideas for you if your unsure of what you want done to your piece. Give her a call.”

Aj Westfall Sr.- June 2016

“Rebecca was amazing to work with! She stays in contact with you and updates you on the progress, makes changes to whatever you’d like, and most importantly makes sure that you are completely satisfied with her work. Very affordable as well! Thank you so much Rebecca! Can’t wait to find more pieces for you to refinish!”

Crista Scinto- June 2016

“Rebecca is not only extremely talented but her work ethic is beyond measure. I was so happy with the furniture makeover for my guest room and am already looking for our next project!”

Debbie Adamson- June 2016

“We had my mom’s table re-finished. It was pretty beaten up from the Az sun beating on it from the window being right there. Becca brought it back to life. She got it done on her Birthday. We just delivered it to her. She was so HAPPY. She says it looks like the day they bought it. All the beautiful wood grain pops right out!”

Lori N Phil Kelly- June 2016

“Our service was amazing and most of all the quality came out better than expected! Our family would highly recommend Second Chance Charms!”

Michael Andrea Laborin- May 2016

“Becca truly has a gift of making things beautiful! We are thrilled with our coffee table and have already brought another piece for her to transform!”

Jonnea Bennett- May 2016

“I absolutely loved working with Rebecca! She is truly talented and has an eye for what she does, but what’s even better is that she listened to what I wanted , what I was looking for and literally brought it to life . I bought a $40 sofa table on swip swap and she made it look like a million bucks! It will forever be one of my favorite pieces! She knows what she is doing and does quality professional work! On top of the professionalism, talent and quality she is one of the sweetest most genuine people I have come across in a long time! I look forward to working with her again!”

Amanda Smith-April 2016

“I had a wonderful experience with Rebecca! She was super quick at responding to my questions and requests. I purchased a beautiful vintage dresser that she did a wonderful job on! The attention to detail was incredible and I appreciate the quality in materials she uses. She has a warm and sweet spirit that made me very comfortable to do business with! I will definitely use her in the future for all my furniture refurbishing needs!!”

Jennifer eaglin Cartmell- April 2016

“Becca created exactly what I was envisioning! She did it within the time frame she told us she would and communicated with me throughout the entire process!”

Marissa Rangel- April 2016

“Becca is a true artist! She has such a talent and truly transforms the pieces. She takes care of the furniture, gives it new life, and is meticulous when it comes to painting, staining, distressing etc. We love our table!”

Lindsey Gruenewald- April 2016

“Working with Becca was such a pleasant and stress free experience. I am very picky but she has the ability to make you trust her judgement and trust the process of creating a beautiful piece!! She is patient and communicates with you during every step. I was blown away by her passion and her dedication to what she does!!! She pays attention to detail and is such a kind soul! She puts her heart into every piece she recreates!! She turned an old pee green dresser and end table into a white bright entertainment center and at is a focal point in my living room! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the end result!!!!”

Breanna Anderson- March 2016

“Becca does AMAZING work! She fulfilled my vision perfectly for my baby girls nursery with a matching modern black and white dresser and changing table. She is super easy to work with, extremely responsive and is so very passionate about her work – and it shows! She has definitely found the thing that she loves to do and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Becca for making my vision a reality! You’re amazing!”

Haley Vaughn Westfall- March 2016

“Rebecca refinished a dresser for me and I couldn’t be happier with it! She is a true artist! I had total confidence in her and she delivered! I showed her pictures and explained what I wanted it to look like. She came to my home with paint samples, we decided on a color and she took it from there! She sent me pictures and updates throughout the process and I was able it see my vision coming to life. There are a lot of people out there painting furniture but not many with the expertise and professionalism you’ll find at Second Chance Charms. 😀”

Mary Muscarello Propst- February 2016

“In a world where we waste too much too often… my heart has a special kind of love for Rebecca! She takes the forgotten, broken, and discarded pieces and brings them back to life with a finesse and love that only she can achieve. I look forward to seeing the personal touches she adds and creative flair she puts into each project! She is a true artist! ❤”

Jaunna Henriksen- February 2016

“Rebecca refinished my great grandmother’s credenza for me and it is so beautiful! I am already saving up for my next project for her…and then another after that! She is great!”

Jenna Galle- February 2016

“I had told her I wanted the exact same look as a dresser she had previously made and she did EXACTLY that!! I love it so much! Thanks again :)”

Lydia Madge- January 2016

“OMG! I love my coffee table. I gave her a picture and she nailed it. It’s absolutely beautiful. I definitely will use this sweet lady again.”

Blythe Nicolay Bernhardt- January 2016

“I purchased a refinished desk that I am using as a vanity for my master and it is beyond beautiful. It was exactly what I was looking for if not better! Wonderful experience and I couldn’t be happier.”

Tiffany Linder- August 2015

“Took our soon to be son’s crib to Rebecca and she gave me and my wife everything we were expecting. Took our ideas and turned them into a reality. Thank you so much Nixon will love it!”

Brandon Mahoney- July 2015

“Rebecca is amazing! She is beyond talented and very professional.
Had her repainted café table/ end tables and entertainment stand they were just completed are done beautifully. I can’t wait to bring more pieces to her!! She’s great and wonderful to working with!”

Jeana Tu Hacker- June 2015

“Rebecca refinished 2 pieces of furniture for our daughters room and they turned out beautiful! She did an amazing job! Thank you!”

Tanya Bazo Lucidi- May 2016

“I’m more than pleased with the experience and work that was done!! My grandmother’s dresser is absolutely gorgeous now and has new life!! It’s something I will definitely be able to pass down to my children :)Ten stars if I could!!”

Angeal Spirich Bell- May 2015

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! Truly though, no words can express how talented Rebecca is! She has an eye and talent that’s second to none! She can take a piece of old wood and with a stroke of her brush, she gives it life! The prices are absolutely amazing as well. 🙂 My favorite part, is she really puts her heart into EACH PIECE, she won’t give anything less than 100% of herself! I brought her a pretty banged up dresser and she completely transformed it! It’s now my favorite item in my home, and I even gave her plans for another project before I picked up my finished item! She’s that good! I mean check out the photos, they speak for themselves! The teal credenza is mine! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all other breathtaking creations coming out of Second Chance Charms in the future!”

Tiffany Portlock- April 2015

“Becca did a perfect job!!! Thank you so very much and can’t wait to bring you more business!!!”

April Tipton- January 2015

“I love my new buffet! It looks amazing! Thank you so much!”

Teri Lyne- December 2014

“I LOVE all her pieces and she does an amazing job on everything! Rebecca is the sweetest person ever! I’m so happy with the pieces I got from her and plan on finding lots more!”

Kellie Bennett James- December 2014

“Can’t say enough wonderful things about Rebecca! Found a kitchen table she did on a swip swap page on Facebook and purchased it. Not only was the table beautiful, her father was kind enough to adjust the height for me. The table looks amazing in my kitchen, but needed chairs. When I found the chairs Rebecca redid them to match the table! The set looks awesome!”

Sharon Moritz- December 2014


Yvette Shouse Flores- November 2014

“Amazing amazing amazing! Five star and add five more!!!!! I gave her a dresser that I was ready to toss… but my heart said no. So glad I listened to my heart!!!!”

Anita Montoya- November 2014

“I had some plain old black barstools in my kitchen that I would normally tie a seat cushion on…well with the kids climbing on it, those ties would constantly rip! So I thought, hey wonder if someone could fabricate a cushion to go onto the barstool, and they could definitely use a fresh coat of paint! Thanks to Second Chance Charms, I have some adorable farmhouse blue chairs with attached cushions that work great! I love the color and the finished product! And she works fast too! Now to figure out my next project to refinish

Kim Colantonio- October 2014

“I first bought a beautiful dresser Rebecca painted and I loved it so much i had to have her do the rest of the furniture in my bedroom to match!! She delivered everything to my house and was super sweet! I will be using her to redo many more pieces in the future!!”

Mariah Oliver- October 2014

“I ordered a sign for my girl friends baby shower. She did an amazing job! It looks so beautiful. She shipped it so I would have it on time. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for homemade furniture. Thank you Rebecca!! I will post pics in the room after I give it to my friend. ❤️it!”

Jennifer Manoff- September 2014

“Rebecca is one of a kind! She is amazing with detail, color and creativity! I have bought two pieces from her already and am in the process to get my third piece! And I’m also bringing her one of my own pieces that she will doctor up to bring it back to life! You have such an amazing talent that will be around for a very long time

Kaley Tripi- August 2014

“I have bought 4 custom pieces from Rebecca she is so awesome and does such a beautiful job ! She even delivers them to me no questions asked! Thank you Rebecca can’t wait to get my next piece friday!!!”

Nicole Harris- May 2014

“Beautiful, detailed, and perfection! Rebecca does such a great job with designing ANY piece of furniture into something special & timeless! Thank you for my gorgeous tv stand… It’s my most favorite item in my home!

Tabetha Blow- May 2014

“I love my piece. Can’t wait to get it up on the wall!!!! Thank u so much Becca!!”

Maureen LaChance- April 2014

“Excellent work, very professional and friendly!”

Sandy Surratt Grepling- April 2014

“She is a perfectionist. I can tell that she has a passion for every single piece she creates. The quality is excellent, and she wants to ensure that her work will last for years to come.”

Tiffany Lynn Flanigan- April 2014

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  1. Becca, words cannot express what a truly amazing job you did on our recent chest we brought to you to refinish. What once was an old sun bleached chest, a true “ugly duckling” , in our home for almost 20 years, but in our family much longer, has now been transformed into a beautiful black swan! The piece is just beautiful & will be an endearing gift for our wonderful daughter-in-law & son for Christmas. If this piece of furniture could talk, what great stories of our family & our lives, it could tell. It now has a fresh updated look, while still maintaining it’s classic style. You are not just a furniture refinisher, but a true artist in the field. Thanks again for your hard work & artistry! You’ve been wonderful to work with. God Bless. Best Regards, Kathryn & David Whitten

  2. Hello. I just inherited a library card catalog that is 98 3/4 inches long, 17 1/2 inches wide and 41 3/4 inches tall. It is partially restored and I have the brass hardware. The restoration needs to be completed. Are you interested in buying it ?

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