fb_img_1476382897826Furniture Restoration! Second chance inspired, hand crafted, refinished with charm made by me for you.

Second Chance Charms has been featured in Phoenix Magazine 2016 September issue in the At Home section under Statement Pieces!

I have also been featured in The Chippy Barn 2016 October guide in the Traditional Style and Wood Stripping sections!

Second Chance Charms started in 2012 when my husband and I bought a house in Sun City, Arizona. We could only afford to fill it with second hand items and hand-me-down furnishings from family members and garage sales. To make it our own and give it our style I started to refinish them, slowly but surely, trial and error, this DIY became an obsession. Our friends and family would bring me their old unwanted pieces of décor and furniture to give new life and love too. Before I knew it I was juggling three kids, a husband, house and this new found creative spark that I had lost in my college days.

I drew my first real art piece when I was 10 years old of my bike I had got for Christmas. I was so proud of my bike and being a part of the guys. I am the eldest of 3 boys. I remember laying on the concrete floor in the garage pencil drawing my bike and watching my mother as she painted her oils on canvas in her studio. I believe its from her that I have this passion for creativity. Every piece is carefully loved and forever a apart of my soul.

In school I dabbed in all sorts of sports. Swimming became my outlet and art class was always a given. In college I branched out in interior design and fine arts. My husband and I started a family and all my energies were put forth in raising our boys that I soon quickly had forgotten my happiness in the artistic world.

One day, when we were moving furniture around trying to find places for all our mixed matched broken and hand-me-down pieces, I found myself staring at this small dresser that used to be my mothers as a girl. The paint was chipped everywhere, showing the many different color layers it had.  I didn’t have the heart to rid of the thing. How could I? The memories my mother had. The many layers of paint my grandfather gave it throughout the years to appease his daughter. It was my first piece that I refinished and is still used as my coffee bar in my house today. The entire process from start to finish thrilled me. I had found Becca. She wasn’t forgotten just laid dormant for a time. To breath new life in something forgotten is a simple reminder to me that there is beauty in second chances. Every morning I use my coffee bar and its sentimental in so many ways. Different pieces of furniture have meaning to us all… a family heirloom, first set a husband and wife bought together, a gift for a child. Instead of riding of these pieces that have aged over time and in not the best of ways, refinishing them writes another page to their wonderful stories.

I am absolutely obsessed with refinishing, repurposing and reusing furniture. Everyone and everything deserves a Second Chance!

You can find my charms at:




Rebecca Whitney



I absolutely love my hobby and I am extremely humbled to be able to share it with you too!



“I connected with Rebecca thru Etsy and found the exact piece I was looking for to complete a 1928 home. It was not just the item but Rebecca’s welcoming communication that made me feel comfortable enough to take a road trip over 600 miles round trip to pick up my new French Style dresser. I am thrilled with the piece and the quality of work and will be back for more!!!!”

Devora Brainard- August 2017

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! Truly though, no words can express how talented Rebecca is! She has an eye and talent that’s second to none! She can take a piece of old wood and with a stroke of her brush, she gives it life! The prices are absolutely amazing as well. 🙂 My favorite part, is she really puts her heart into EACH PIECE, she won’t give anything less than 100% of herself! I brought her a pretty banged up dresser and she completely transformed it! It’s now my favorite item in my home, and I even gave her plans for another project before I picked up my finished item! She’s that good! I mean check out the photos, they speak for themselves! The teal credenza is mine! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all other breathtaking creations coming out of Second Chance Charms in the future!”

Tiffany Portlock- April 2015

“Can’t say enough wonderful things about Rebecca! Found a kitchen table she did on a swip swap page on Facebook and purchased it. Not only was the table beautiful, her father was kind enough to adjust the height for me. The table looks amazing in my kitchen, but needed chairs. When I found the chairs Rebecca redid them to match the table! The set looks awesome!”

Sharon Moritz- December 2014

“Amazing amazing amazing! Five star and add five more!!!!! I gave her a dresser that I was ready to toss… but my heart said no. So glad I listened to my heart!!!!”

Anita Montoya- November 2014

“Beautiful, detailed, and perfection! Rebecca does such a great job with designing ANY piece of furniture into something special & timeless! Thank you for my gorgeous tv stand… It’s my most favorite item in my home!

Tabetha Blow- May 2014


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