Recent Highlights April

Most recent work! These six pieces were not only big custom projects that took up some space in the shop but put my scheduling skills to the next level! Each piece was exciting to work on and allowed me to either get creative, try something I haven’t done in a while or check a piece off the ol’ portfolio list; hello little playhouse! Regardless of the projects, as always I enjoyed refinishing each one for my clients!

Cinderella heirloom chest

A heirloom antique 1800’s chest by Helmers Furniture. Talk about Second Chances! I’m so thrilled to share the back story about this vintage tall chest. Appreciated enough to be passed down to family members throughout the generations but literally never truly loved enough to be accepted which always resulted in hiding this gal in the closet.

When she finally found her way into the hands of my client she too had her hiding in the guest room closet. That is until her eyes had opened to the possibilities of taking one ugly piece of furniture and creating a swan. I refinished a piece for this client back in January, Navy Armoire, and when she came to pick her piece up she already knew her family heirloom was going to be next.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Dover White and slightly distressed on the edges. Added a gorgeous stenciled art that my client picked out painted in gold on one door- the side that has no knob. I also added a small stenciled art on the top to tie it all in. She picked out miss-matching knobs in white and gold to showcase this gals new artsy look. Completing this Cinderella story by lining all the drawers in a white and gold paper. From the bottom of her legs to the top of her rail she can now come out of hiding from the dusty closet and be the princess she deserves to be out in the open!

Veneer Desk Top

Do you recall yesterday’s custom piece, Three-Piece Computer Desk? To complete my clients home office he wanted his generic veneer office desk top to look as good as his other pieces! When dealing with veneer painting it can leave the piece to look very dull and a solid boring pile of yuck especially on a desk top. There isn’t wood grain, texture or detail.

To change things up I used two colors, the same ones on his other office pieces to tie everything together. Now once what was a simple plain top now has character!
Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Well-Bred Brown and dry brushed with Agreeable Gray.

Three-Piece Computer Desk

We can’t help but look around for a piece of furniture that is not only beneficial to what we need to use it for but stylish in every way to complete our space. Our homes reflect who we are. It says a little something about you to your guest.

As my client shopped around looking for that perfect piece to complete her husbands home office they keep finding themselves saying something that I hear all too often, “everything seems expensive and cheaply made now-a-days”. When they went home defeated they looked at what they already had and realized two things: Not only did they pay good money many years ago for their current piece of furniture, but its solid wood made to last. This is where I come in! It’s cheaper to have something you already own, refinished to match your decor. Especially when you find yourself moving into a new home, such as my client is, and changing up the theme, colors and decor.

Heavy duty, solid wood, three-piece computer desk and hutch shelves refinished in Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray and glazed in Well-Bred Brown. We replaced the hardware with bronzed pull handles making this piece more modern. Up next is a huge veneer desk top that will go into this same office space. Using the same colors but with a different technique.

Playhouse Flip

From the flooring to the roof, this house got an extreme makeover!

My client scored this awesome wooden playhouse for $40 on the Facebook swap pages! She wanted to make it her grand-daughters very own beach cottage. The plastic roof had to go and she wanted to add a nice flooring.

Here are the before pictures. As you can see my little 3-year-old was all about this project!


My client wanted a beach cottage theme.

The interior and exterior walls are painted in Magnetic Gray. All pop outs, mail box, window frames and baseboard are done in Snowbound. The cute little door is refinished in Tidewater. I added a new roof and flooring, painting them in Turkish Coffee. We added new teal crystal knobs on the windows. A new door handle. And my client provided me with some blue and grey damask print fabric for me to make new curtains for the kitchen window. To finalize this adorable one story one-room house we added an iron door bell.

I’m am on the look out for a playhouse like this to refinish for my boys. What a perfect swip swap find!!

Featured on The Artisan Markets

I woke up this morning to find that Second Chance Charms was featured over at The Artisan Markets- Phoenix AZ. How incredibility exciting is that!? Here is what was posted on Facebook and Instagram:

It’s Feature Friday!
Today we are featuring one of our very talented local artisans, Rebecca Flanigan Whitney!
Rebecca’s pieces are absolutely stunning, timeless and breathtaking!
Please take a moment to visit Rebecca at
Be sure to read the incredible reviews left by former and current clients. She’s amazing at what she does but also provides exceptional personal customer care.
Rebecca offers custom work and will deliver locally for a fee.
Please take a moment to visit her page, leave her some love and support by Liking her page and leaving a comment or two. ❤

These are the pieces that I have available (French Provincial Buffet SOLD). You can click over to The Artisan Markets- Phoenix AZ and visit both their Facebook or Instagram accounts to view along with some other amazing Arizona talent and available pieces!