Childrens Bistro Set

This bistro set is the 16th piece of home decor I have done for this wonderful client of mine, year to date! Last year in 2015, I did 22 pieces for her. In every room of her home you will find a Second Chance Charm somewhere- even the bathroom! From a silverware box to patio loungers; her house is a Second Chance museum. And to think it all started in November 2014 with refinishing an old dresser my clients father had bought his wife before leaving for World War II. I remember her reaction when she came to pick up her mothers dresser; actual tears of joy! I was so elated because how that moment felt to me. To her. For this dresser…  he was headed for the dump and I saved him!

As I was in the midst of taking the old fabric off the seat cushions to a children bistro set that this same client found, look what I find beneath the pink fabric, everything vintage and girlie! I sent a picture to her and we agreed, its staying! This print is what they were searching for for me to reupholster the chairs in. I’m happy its in excellent shape, it’s meant to be!

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Dover White and kept the hidden vintage fabric from underneath.

Hutch by Drexel

I got a message from my client about her finding a piece of furniture for $30 on the swap pages and if I can go check it out for her to make sure the potential is there. Vintage Drexel massive heavy hutch, total retro style. I go there to pick it up from this lovely gentleman who tells me that he bought this piece a long time ago and at one point he even had the matching dinning set. They hung on to the hutch for many years because they appreciated its beauty and how solid this thing was. After some time collecting dust in the garage, he and his wife decided to sell it. One of his glass doors was broken and some of the veneer was chipping off the top sides.

After seeing the space that my client wanted to place this piece in, we were excited to get going. I got the beveled glass fixed by a local shop I use. She picked the Sherwin-Williams color Greek Villa with a light distressing to match a farmhouse dinning table she recently had made. Bronzed all the original gold hardware for an updated look. She chose to have the backing finished in Sherwin- Williams Black Fox. I used a crosshatch brush technique to give this piece definition and its own character. It came with three glass shelves and two lights up top. I really hope I get a customer photo of this piece once he is all home and decorated!

Follow your bliss

Sometimes I lose inspiration. Some days you have it! Other days, you just don’t… and it sucks. Creativity keeps you challenged, it pushes and pulls you in different directions and half the time you catch yourself talking out loud to no one in particular. When you do find that creative spark, it is a wonderful feeling, especially when that inspiration last for a while.

Find inspiration. Be inspiration.


During my color consultation my client chose the color Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. I’ve been wainting to use this color on a piece of furniture as it has been nominated for the 2016 color of the year by Sherwin-Williams.

My client inherited this gorgeous oak hutch from her mother and wanted to make it her own by having it match Her Style. Refinished in Alabaster and distressed to perfection! All original hardware updated in bronze.


Custom trunk refinished for my client whose style is “Day of the Dead”. This was completely out of my comfort zone but exciting to do. I had to Google ‘Sugar Skulls’ to get an idea of this style! 

My client had picked out two colors she wanted to incorporate but left it up to me to design. I’m thrilled with the results! She picked Sherwin-Williams Forget Me Not (purple) and Touch of Sand (cream), I incorporated the Tricorn Black for the “outline look”that I feel really sets this piece apart from other styles.

My client found this trunk at a garage sale finished in a white and distressed.

Crackled Dresser

My client scored this hand painted in black, lightly distressed wooden dresser from a garage sale and wanted to showcase her in the guest bedroom.

After our color consultation she chose to have the dresser match the bed frame. The bed frame is crackled in cream colors with chips of grey coming through.

She didn’t want the dresser to be too busy with a crackle finish as the bed is busy enough so I went light to give it the sense that it matched but was its own statement piece! I color matched the crackles from the bed frame to Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa and Napery. Stained the top of the dresser in grey to bring out the grey in the bed frame. Picked out new grey metal flower knobs from Hobby Lobby to match the detail in the bed frame for the final touch!

A perfect piece to show you two very different styles! Once before a distressed matte black girl and now a chic chippy goddess!


This hutch is a gorgeous piece that wasn’t necessarily out of date or in horrible condition. My client was just ready for a change, a second chance! 

She shared with me her ideas she found from Pinterest and gave me full range of color choice. I went with Sherwin-Williams Tea Chest for a welcoming warm brown base. Heavily glazed in Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black. All iron updated in a black matte finish. My client wanted the backing of her piece to make the iron stand out when closed so I didnt glaze the backing nor shelves. 

When I sent her the final photos via text, her response leaves me smiling!