Retro Dining Set

A custom dining set! My client has many wonderful memories surrounding this retro piece of furniture. She sat here as a little girl and ate dinner with her family. Now she sits here as a women and mother who enjoys the company of her husband and children. Eating, laughing, gaming and relaxing. Like most pieces I refinished, they mean so much more to the owner then just a dining set. 

Giving this dining set a Second Chance is a perfect touch for her space. All wood accents and table top were refinished in Sherwin-Williams Black Fox. All metal parts finished in nickel to coincide with her appliances and hardware in her kitchen.

Featured in Phoenix Magazine

If you were at Costco in Arrowhead today, August 24th, 2016 around 11 am, and heard a loud scream followed with a sobbing ugly crying sound by a girl in tears… well, that was me.

After completing my shopping with little man in tow, I thought to myself, “I should check to see if the September 2016 issue of Phoenix Magazine is out yet”. Now see, I have been keeping a secret from you all. A personal reporter, Leah, contacted me back in July stating she just enjoyed my work and wanted to interview me for her magazine piece about Statement Pieces for the September issue. Of course, I was thrilled!!

So here I stood, about five feet from the magazine rack by the front of the check out area. Skimming the covers. I see “Phoenix 50 years Mag” September issue, my heart fell in my stomach. I open it… looking at each page carefully. Finally…. page 55… there it was. Beautiful. I screamed with excitement! I cried for joy. The little lady next to me, wide eyed- mouth opened says “what in the world!?” I point at my page….. “That’s me!”with tears streaking my face, it was all I could say!!

I am still shaking. Giddy. Smiling…. Completely over the moon!! I want to give a special thanks to my client, Amanda, for allowing me to give her garage sale find a Second Chance. After all, its her piece that caught the eye of Phoenix Mag!!!

You can read about the turquoise sofa table’s debut here: Turquoise Sofa Table.

Xoxo- Rebecca

Antique Chest of Drawers

I found this fellow and his sister together! I still have her over in In the Studio ready to be customized. I refinished this wonderful chest of drawers in Sherwin-Williams Sand Beach and glaze him in brown. Updated the hardware in bronze. Measurements are 37.5″ long x 51.5″ tall x 20.5″ deep. 5 drawers. This piece has some fantastic subtle details. Dovetailed joints. Cute simple feet. All one solid piece. He is up for sale!!! Click on over to Shop Selections to see pricing and to contact me if interested!

Signature Stamp

I am so excited to finally be able to mark my furniture pieces! I have been wanting to do this for some time! I have priced out wood burners, thought about stickers but finally settled on stamping! 

I found Paper Afternoon on Instagram and fell in love! 

If you have a piece of furniture and would love for me to come over and put the last final touch on your piece let me know!