Back to School! Kinda?

This summer was a completely different summer then we have ever experienced. Towards the end of school last year we were quarantined and did online distance learning. While we did our best, the chaos of the world weighed pretty heavy on everyone across the board. Nonetheless, my husband and I had an amazing time with loved ones.

We took our boys to multiple staycations in Arizona (the first for us and definitely a must do going forward!) This past weekend just the hubby and I did a trip across Nevada, visiting Vegas and Reno. During this pandemic, we are so fortunate to have four families in our neighborhood that made swimming parties, game nights and conversation in daily life, worth living and not forgetting the beauty during a pandemic. Surrounded by love, positivity and laughter really helped keep us all sane and grounded. Our nephews from Oklahoma made their annual trip out to visit us and sleepovers, Fortnite and movies made the world less crazy still. I don’t feel like I am someone who takes life for granted, but these past experiences are worth more to me now then before. Take time and relax. Enjoy the small things once again. Breath. Pray.

Last year I took the summer off from refinishing furniture to really enjoy my growing family. This summer I relied heavily on Second Chance Charms. I needed my artistic creative outlet to not only keep myself level, but to still be connected to my wonderful clientele. To be connected to people. To make sure you all were happy. Safe. And healthy.

School is back in session- kinda. We were givin a few options to decide how we wanted to educated our children. I truly believe there is NO wrong choice. Every family unit will chose what is best for them, and I support each one of you. I know it wasn’t easy making it. Finding our new schedule, online distance learning, will have some bumps, learning curves and new insights that may lead to other paths for us down the line. I look forward to the day when my kiddos can go back to school and be with their teachers and friends. To gain independence. To make decisions. Until that day arrives, we will distance learn and hopefully grow in ways we never thought possible. Take one semester at a time.

With a 7th grader, 5th grader and 1st grader my resume just grew to adding the title ‘Teacher’. I have customs and inventory pieces that I will work on for August and hope to find a nice balance with all of this… Stay tuned in! Continue to be positive, and support one another with love and prayer.



Antique Dining Chairs

Three more custom chairs finished! Two more to go.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Software and glazed in Cyberspace. My client picked out a cream and grey damask fabric from Joanns Fabric Store. Finally adding a dark grey cord to match and to finish them off!