Dining Table

Occasionally, I will receive pieces that my clients gave their all into refinishing, to only stop because the realization of the amount of work that is involved sets in, well, that and life. Don’t stress!! I am here for you!! Let me take on your project- this is what I do!!

About ninety percent of my work is custom base. I am so blessed to have your support and word of mouth.

My client brought me a dining table that has significant meaning to her. A special friend in her life gave her this table knowing she would get more use out of it. She started to strip her table but then “life” happens. Usually projects take longer then the good old 5 min YouTube tutorial. We can get discouraged real quick. After sitting in her garage for months, she reached out to me.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Ivory Lace and lightly glazed in a dark grey. The top is stained in Wood Classics, Weathered Teak.


The Happy Home Newsletter

Oh my goodness!!! Look what came in the mail! I have been featured in The Happy Home, 2018 May newsletter by The Brill Team!

If you are in the market to sell or buy a home, give this wonderful team a call! I have known Nate for a long time and have full faith he will do right by your family! Thank you Nate for the love and kind words in your newsletter!

Serpentine Dresser

I have been wanting to do a bending technique for a while now on one of my pieces of furniture. However, I felt like I needed to have a certain piece to do it- Something that has detail and curves. It could be because all my inspiration out there would have the perfect old vintage pieces that I absolutely was obsessing over. I finally found this little dresser and thought its perfect!

An antique serpentine front dresser. Five drawers in total with three top glove drawers and two bottom deep drawers. Back is stamped with No945. Refinished in a blending technique using three colors: Sherwin-Williams Tradewind, Riverway and Open Seas. All original hardware revamped in Brushed Nickel. Long legs, curves for days this momma is available for purchase! Click over to Shop Selections to view details.


Dining Chair

Occasionally I will get the type of client that has difficulty seeing the big picture. Not a bad thing at all, a lot of us are visual people! I totally understand. However, the hardest part has already been achieved- messaging me with wanting to give your pieces a Second Chance. It can be scary for first time clients. I am here to make this process enjoyable, stress free and your pieces lasting another lifetime and beyond.

She has a dining set and hutch that she wants refinished but because she was having a hard time envisioning it I offered to first do a chair so she could see it in her home and make sure she was happy with our color consultation choices. As well as give her the opportunity to feel her piece of furniture. To see that her piece is contractor grade, not paint slapped on .

I am in the midst of working on her table as she is head over heels with how her chair turned out. Here is the first piece I did for her, a dining chair, that helped her have faith!

Stay tuned in as her dining table is next and a matching hutch to come soon.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa, lightly glazed in Brown. Seat reupholstered in a grey vinyl from Joann Fabric Store.


Boutique Room

If you have been in my home, you will know where my boutique room is located. I believe that this random spot in my home is supposed to be a dining area. However, it’s completely on the other side of the house away from the kitchen. So completely not functional.

Enclosing this area and making it a den is perfect for anyone who will need an office/playroom or for me, a boutique room to store my inventory pieces and staging area! With two openings entering this room; one hallway area and a huge arch doorway. I had a few ideas. I wanted to enclosed the hallway area providing shelves for storage and add barn doors to close off the room when not in use.

Here is the new wall we added (with the help of my amazing father). This view is from the family room.


Here is the boutique room with the barn doors that I refinished myself. I am in the mist of making shelves in the space where we built the wall to match the barn doors. These shelves will house my portfolios, cards, staging decor and the likes. Everything is almost complete!

Looking from our living room when you enter our home, you can see the barn doors. They are a gorgeous focal point and I have had many compliments this far. It took me years to find these doors. I found them from craigslist and I wanted a certain style of doors. Where I have the arch on my opening, I wanted my doors to have that same thing on top. These doors were once front doors to a huge home in Scottsdale. I had to cut them down to fit. I bought the barn door hardware from Amazon. Walls are painted in Sherwin William’s Gossamer Vail.

I’ve waited so long to have this space done and its exactly how I envisioned it. Better, actually.

What do you think of my little happy space dedicated to Second Chance Charms?