Antique Buffet

Gorgeous antique buffet with the perfect curves. I love her legs and wanted to go bare with them! I absolutely love this look and hope you do as well!!

Created by Crawford Furniture Company No.1-B5 with an awesome original sticker on the back for verification.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa and distressed for a farmhouse charm! Glazed certain areas in Anonymous for a added pop in the details and to help soften her look. The legs and top along with the backsplash are all sanded down and sealed for a bare wood look. Original hardware revamped in white and wet distressed for added character.

Available for purchase please check out Shop Selections for details!


2020 Portfolio

Although many of us are ready to say goodbye to 2020, I can’t help but reflect on the past year- despite the chaos- I did have a wonderful year. We were surrounded by our wonderful crew who kept us sane during such a weird time in not only the United States of America but the freaking WORLD!? My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected by the pandemic. For the family and friends you have lost- may you find peace. For those of you who have work so very hard on your business only for it to be dismantled abruptly- may you rebuild back bigger then ever! I implore YOU. Keep fighting. Stay Strong. Have faith!

Goodbye 2020! I made lovely creations for old clients as well as I got to meet some new customers! Refinishing a total of 64 pieces: 6 First Dibs, 2 pieces created with my mother, and the rest custom orders! YIPPEE! Thank you!

You are all truly amazing humans! Thank you for your support!

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before” – Neil Gaiman

The first piece I created in 2020 was one I did with my mother. Maureen Flanigan used her creativity and painted a farm house by hand on an antique tall boy dresser. I have him placed in my home and view it daily. Completely in love by it still. The furniture pieces I created this year didn’t give me much trouble, or maybe perhaps I am gaining confidence. I’m not sure what to make of it, but I did enjoy each furniture piece and am incredibly grateful by all of them!

I didn’t set a goal for myself in 2020 which is rather odd. I have made goals for myself each year and did my best to fulfill each one of them and apply them to my life at home and at Second Chance Charms. I am NOT SAYING that the fate of the WORLD is on my shoulders, but I find it rather odd how our past year was basically a shit show and I didn’t have a goal…. ha ha I’m kidding- But just in case I better come up with a 2021 goal!.. because it seems rather coincidental 😉


I’m super excited for 2021 and growing Second Chance Charms. Modifying my creativity into something more. Pushing past mind barriers and really jumping in with both feet. Lets see what becomes of 2021!

Thank you again, for your continued support. having be apart of your homes and gifts for loved ones!

Much love, Becca


Thank you 2020!

xoxo Becca

Sofa Table

A very plain Jane turned into a rustic Beauty. This sofa table had two glass panels on the top and my client asked that I put wood slats on the top to create a farmhouse feel as well as added support.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Useful Grey and distressed for a farmhouse charm. The top I installed wood slats and stained them in Minwax Walnut.



One solid massive piece that I needed help moving around to refinish. Once I took off the doors and removed the shelves it lighten the load a little but still a heavy piece!

My client had her colors picked out when she dropped her hutch off and knew exactly what she wanted. Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Software and glazed in Cyberspace. Original hardware revamped in Black. Simple. Gorgeous.


Entryway Cabinet

Available for purchase! Click over to Shop Selections. This lovely piece is perfect to be used as an entry way piece or small buffet.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Porpoise 
and glazed in Urbane Bronze. Hardware is brass library card catalog pulls that you can place tabs in or not. The top is stained using Weathered Oak with a grey wash.


Lingerie Cabinet

Continuing on with my clients bedroom set. This lovely lingerie cabinet is up next. Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Snowbound and lightly glazed in Turkish Coffee. Leaving the top as is, as well as leaving the hardware original. Love how this look just brightens up these pieces!



Word of mouth is such a huge compliment to me and I absolutely appreciate it! This client came to me, referred by her friend, to have her entire bedroom set refinished.

First piece up is her dresser. This piece has an open top section area for the TV box and DVR devices, which I thought is perfect to maintain the top of your dresser and to minimize clutter.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Snowbound and lightly glazed in Turkish Coffee. The top is left untouched and original. The hardware was cleaned.