Hutch by Drexel

I got a message from my client about her finding a piece of furniture for $30 on the swap pages and if I can go check it out for her to make sure the potential is there. Vintage Drexel massive heavy hutch, total retro style. I go there to pick it up from this lovely gentleman who tells me that he bought this piece a long time ago and at one point he even had the matching dinning set. They hung on to the hutch for many years because they appreciated its beauty and how solid this thing was. After some time collecting dust in the garage, he and his wife decided to sell it. One of his glass doors was broken and some of the veneer was chipping off the top sides.

After seeing the space that my client wanted to place this piece in, we were excited to get going. I got the beveled glass fixed by a local shop I use. She picked the Sherwin-Williams color Greek Villa with a light distressing to match a farmhouse dinning table she recently had made. Bronzed all the original gold hardware for an updated look. She chose to have the backing finished in Sherwin- Williams Black Fox. I used a crosshatch brush technique to give this piece definition and its own character. It came with three glass shelves and two lights up top. I really hope I get a customer photo of this piece once he is all home and decorated!

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