Childrens Bistro Set

This bistro set is the 16th piece of home decor I have done for this wonderful client of mine, year to date! Last year in 2015, I did 22 pieces for her. In every room of her home you will find a Second Chance Charm somewhere- even the bathroom! From a silverware box to patio loungers; her house is a Second Chance museum. And to think it all started in November 2014 with refinishing an old dresser my clients father had bought his wife before leaving for World War II. I remember her reaction when she came to pick up her mothers dresser; actual tears of joy! I was so elated because how that moment felt to me. To her. For this dresser…  he was headed for the dump and I saved him!

As I was in the midst of taking the old fabric off the seat cushions to a children bistro set that this same client found, look what I find beneath the pink fabric, everything vintage and girlie! I sent a picture to her and we agreed, its staying! This print is what they were searching for for me to reupholster the chairs in. I’m happy its in excellent shape, it’s meant to be!

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Dover White and kept the hidden vintage fabric from underneath.

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