French Provincial Lingerie Chest

From gold to silver these two sisters got a Second Chance! My client inherited these old gals from her grandmother and wanted them to not only match her decor but to use in her guest bedroom.

Refinishing both of them in Sherwin-Williams Snowbound and lightly glazing them in Network Grey helped make these two sisters match even though they are completely different. I also highlighted certain areas with metallic silver leaf. All original hardware revamped in Snowbound and highlighted with metallic silver.


Tall Chest of Drawers and Nightstand

As a mother of three little getleman I understand the meaning of “we need to transition from kiddy furntuire into something he can enjoy later in his life”. Our childrens room are their personal little safe havens from the outside world that we loveingly allow them to express themselves with. They go through their styles through the years and having to change out only the decor pieces instead of furnture pieces can save hundreds of dollars and can also become herilooms later in life.

When I had a mother reach out to me wanting to bring her twelve year old over to view two of my inventory pieces from my In the Studio selection I was excited to see what ideas he was envisioning for himself. 

A few days ago I posted a light blue Nightstand which will be used for mom in her room and son is taking the tall chest and one nightstand. Its pretty exciting seeing the same piece of furniture refinished in two different ways!
Refinished in Sherwin-Williams In The Navy with a Walnut stain top. Original hardware pulls cleaned.


Recent Highlights June

Most recent work. A complete nursery bedroom set and a restoration on an antique record player! All custom pieces. If you have a piece that you would like refinished or restored please message me! You can view pieces that are for customization over at In the Studio and already finished available pieces for purchase over at Shop Selections.


Cinderella heirloom chest

A heirloom antique 1800’s chest by Helmers Furniture. Talk about Second Chances! I’m so thrilled to share the back story about this vintage tall chest. Appreciated enough to be passed down to family members throughout the generations but literally never truly loved enough to be accepted which always resulted in hiding this gal in the closet.

When she finally found her way into the hands of my client she too had her hiding in the guest room closet. That is until her eyes had opened to the possibilities of taking one ugly piece of furniture and creating a swan. I refinished a piece for this client back in January, Navy Armoire, and when she came to pick her piece up she already knew her family heirloom was going to be next.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Dover White and slightly distressed on the edges. Added a gorgeous stenciled art that my client picked out painted in gold on one door- the side that has no knob. I also added a small stenciled art on the top to tie it all in. She picked out miss-matching knobs in white and gold to showcase this gals new artsy look. Completing this Cinderella story by lining all the drawers in a white and gold paper. From the bottom of her legs to the top of her rail she can now come out of hiding from the dusty closet and be the princess she deserves to be out in the open!