Tall Chest of Drawers and Nightstand

As a mother of three little getleman I understand the meaning of “we need to transition from kiddy furntuire into something he can enjoy later in his life”. Our childrens room are their personal little safe havens from the outside world that we loveingly allow them to express themselves with. They go through their styles through the years and having to change out only the decor pieces instead of furnture pieces can save hundreds of dollars and can also become herilooms later in life.

When I had a mother reach out to me wanting to bring her twelve year old over to view two of my inventory pieces from my In the Studio selection I was excited to see what ideas he was envisioning for himself. 

A few days ago I posted a light blue Nightstand which will be used for mom in her room and son is taking the tall chest and one nightstand. Its pretty exciting seeing the same piece of furniture refinished in two different ways!
Refinished in Sherwin-Williams In The Navy with a Walnut stain top. Original hardware pulls cleaned.


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