Coffee Table

The last piece of furniture I refinished for myself was my succulent garden, and I am not to sure that even counts as no paint was involved. Ha ha. 

Before the succulent garden I did refinish a piece for myself, back in September of 2015 it was the hutch I inherited from my mother. I Refinished her in Ivoire and glazed in brown. To say I was up for a refinished piece is an understatement!

I have been staring at my coffee table for quite some time and couldn’t decide on what I wanted. I knew I wanted a stained top (I do love my wood grains) plus it would match the wooden feet on my wingback chairs. 
Thursday, as I was picking up a new rug from Costco, it came to me on my color scheme for this piece. I should tie in the blue I have in the wingback chairs and pillows on the couch. As well as the blue from a little antique piece I refinished about 3 years ago that sits in the same room by the front door. Perfect little pop of color, and this coffee table is a perfect size to incorporate that same blue! 

I had created this blue color I call Seafoam mixing Sherwin-Williams Riverway and Dover White together. Stained the top in Dark Oak and distressed the base of the coffee table.

One more piece to be refinished in my space and my living room will complete; an antique dresser being used as a tv entertainment stand. I do have a vision for that girl, something similar to the hutch. I can’t wait to start on her- hopefully before the new year!!! 
What do you think of my space!? I find myself sitting here most evenings with my husband relaxing from our long days catching up, while our children wind down playing toys over in the family room. Our perfect space.

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