Drafting Desk

A couple years ago a neighbor came over to see some of my pieces that were waiting to be picked up from clients and one that was for sale. I’ll never forget her response, “oh Becca, when you said you painted furniture… I had no idea”. She ended up purchasing, one of my all time favorites, a black distressed Victrolla with stained legs. 

After a few custom pieces later, I am excited to be able to do another project for her. I love her style. Its retro meets vintage. She embraces color and the pieces I have done for her in the past show that. Here are a few of her pieces I’ve refinished :

To add to her collection of Second Chance Charm furniture she found a desk at a yard sale and couldn’t pass her up. I agree, what an incredible find! Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Coquina. All panels, drawer faces and desk top have been sanded down and sealed for a natural look. Hardware kept as is. Love!

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