Dry Brush Dresser

“Do what you see best, I trust you”… those words would scare the paint brush right out of my hand about 4 years ago… now when I hear phrases like that, I smile. A big ol grin is plastered to my face and I am one hundred percent sure I either look goofy or creepy. haha. All I ask from my client is a few inspirational photos that give them that “Love” feeling. You know that feeling when you see an inspirational space and can imagine yourself living in that room, perhaps enjoying a good book or a glass of wine with a loved one.

After looking at her inspirational photos and seeing her space that these two dressers will occupy I knew what I wanted to do.

Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray for the base main color. I used a new technique for myself called dry brushing using Repose Gray and Gauntlet Gray in a crosshatch look. His matching Tall Chest of Drawers will follow shortly!

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