Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year!!! I had a wonderful holiday break with my family as I hope you did too! Back to school and back to normal schedules! *screams* Time to get serious!! I am itching to start painting!

I’m excited to share with you another tool I can use during my color consultations as well for you to take home and view instead of my bulky paint color book. Sometimes picking a color for your space can be intimidating with the amount of color choices. Check out the new “Palette Guide” by Sherwin-Williams. This lovely Color System narrows down color in options that keep it simple and not so overhelming!

One thing that many of you asked to see of 2017 were more For Sale pieces throughout each month. I set a goal for myself to do just that! I am inspired by my followers and appreciate my clients who are 90% repeats! One thing that I always remind my customers is the option of dropping off one piece at a time to be refinished. Not only is this more budget friendly but it wont vacate your entire space leaving you somewhat distraught. Downside, it makes your transformation in your space take a bit longer. However, once complete, you will not be disappointed!
Starting this week off with some incredible pieces both custom and available for purchase!

As always, stay tuned in and thank you again for joining me in my hobby!
Xo Rebecca