Summer Loving to School Studying

I took this summer off to be with my family, I enjoyed myself so much! We had a wild ride which started off with our middle son making his First Communion and Confirmation in his faith, a family trip to Del Mar Beach visiting California friends, my husbands Bowling Tournaments in Las Vegas, a visit from my In Laws from Texas, kid sleep overs, swimming parties, a visit from my sweet nephews from Oklahoma, and all around fun with friends, family and neighbors. We were so busy that when school started I didn’t know where the summer went- it went by way to fast!? Anyone else feel me?

I did however, have one project that I worked on- so I wasn’t completely off. haha. This custom piece was the most difficult project I have taken on thus far. Only because I was dealing with lead paint…many layers… more on that gal later 😉

School is in session and we are back to schedule! Even if it is 115 degrees outside! All my babes are in school full time! My preschooler is now in Kindergarten and I am all yours! AHHHH *Joyful screaming* watch out world, it’s about to go down!!

Stay tuned in! I have August customs and new inventory selections coming your way!



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