Boutique Room

If you have been in my home, you will know where my boutique room is located. I believe that this random spot in my home is supposed to be a dining area. However, it’s completely on the other side of the house away from the kitchen. So completely not functional.

Enclosing this area and making it a den is perfect for anyone who will need an office/playroom or for me, a boutique room to store my inventory pieces and staging area! With two openings entering this room; one hallway area and a huge arch doorway. I had a few ideas. I wanted to enclosed the hallway area providing shelves for storage and add barn doors to close off the room when not in use.

Here is the new wall we added (with the help of my amazing father). This view is from the family room.

Here is the boutique room with the barn doors that I refinished myself. I am in the mist of making shelves in the space where we built the wall to match the barn doors. These shelves will house my portfolios, cards, staging decor and the likes. Everything is almost complete!

Looking from our living room when you enter our home, you can see the barn doors. They are a gorgeous focal point and I have had many compliments this far. It took me years to find these doors. I found them from craigslist and I wanted a certain style of doors. Where I have the arch on my opening, I wanted my doors to have that same thing on top. These doors were once front doors to a huge home in Scottsdale. I had to cut them down to fit. I bought the barn door hardware from Amazon. Walls are painted in Sherwin William’s Gossamer Vail.

I’ve waited so long to have this space done and its exactly how I envisioned it. Better, actually.

What do you think of my little happy space dedicated to Second Chance Charms?


I have been so busy, I havent had the chance to update my photos on here after our home remodel back in May of 2019! So, let’s do that now!! MEEP

This is the entrance to Second Chance Charms Boutique

Staging Wall, fresh coat of paint on the ship lap

The other walls in this room store customs furniture pieces waiting for pick up/drop off and pieces that I have for sale over at Shop Selections.

Thank you for looking and supporting me!



A little of This and That

When refinishing pieces for my clients they oftentimes will throw in a few decor pieces to have revamped. I have a hand full of things I did for four different customers I would like to share!


Some cabinet doors for a bathroom remodel- refinished in a solid finish in Gale Force. A lamp (it may look familiar, I had painted this piece last year- my client is moving her lamp into a different room.) Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Thunder Grey and glazed in Black. A Mirror finished in Dover White and glazed in two different browns. As well as I fixed up some doggy scratches on an interior door and painted it in a custom color, China Bone.


Last, a dresser fix! I had refinished this piece about 3 years ago for my clients daughter. She moved out of her parents home and into her own place. While moving, something big and heavy fell on top of this dresser breaking the top edging off. Nothing a little glue, wood filler and paint cant handle!